Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oldie but goodie

So about forever ago (August I think...) Mike dragged me to San Diego.
Normally he wouldn't have to drag me but we had just
gotten pregnant like eight weeks before and I hadn't been sicker.
Needless to say I am glad we went because just going to the
beach and seeing the girls have the time of their
lives with their cousins made it all worth it.

All the cousins
Some crazy a park in Escondido.

The best part...the beach!!!
I could go everyday if I lived there....
that is if you didn't have to deal with
sand in every crevice of your kids bodies.

Mike and his bro.
Silly Evan
Best friends...Jaden worships Olivia.

Ahhh..the palm trees.
I love how I caught Avery trying to
sneak Jaden's cookie.

Fun times....Thanks Phillippe and Summer!

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linds jo said...

what cute pics! i could eat little avery, she's so stinkin cute!